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What does IT infrastructure mean to you? A service? A consumable? A cloud? A cost centre? Composable? Hyper converged? At Anana, the IT infrastructure supports all the services we offer in the most cost effective way for our business and yours. It’s purpose is to deliver a stable, cost effective and powerful platform. This means using many types of infrastructure depending on the requirements at any given point, but often mean embracing new technology like Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) to provide security services (like micro segmentation and virtual machine isolation), customer separation and automated deployments. For those applications which are elastic and scalable, public cloud is the preferred option. Unless utilised correctly, public cloud is not always the cost effective option. We are constantly reviewing the infrastructure landscape for new useful technology that can be integrated platform to help deliver ever better more cost effective solutions for ourselves and our customers.

As we move forwards and IT trends ebb and flow, we stay as close to the edge as we can without being on the bleeding edge (which would be a painful place to be with SLA’s to keep!). Many of the buzz words above mean nothing, 'cloud' for instance can mean anything from a couple of PC’s in a cupboard with a hypervisor (private cloud) up to hyper scaler operators like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This being the case we like to remove all the hype and marketing to understand what really works.

We partner with a variety of market leading suppliers allows us to build highly effective infrastructure:

Datacentres allow Anana to have a worldwide footprint while offering easy connectivity services between our data centres and simple private connectivity to the public cloud.

Provide the compute, physical local networking and storage for our cloud solutions. Primarily this give a powerful and highly stable base with a great support package, but also allows for a single support stack. 

Still the leading virtualisation provider, we also use networking and storage products from their portfolio, again giving us a single support stack with these products. 

Provide highly rich feature set for our load balancing requirements.

Allows us to offer our customers a secure environment (data does not leave the datacentre) for their staff to use our systems with the minimum amount of configuration on their end (TCP & UDP on port 443 outbound). Because the clients run right next to application, this creates a faster working environment.  

Provide us with their routing and firewall technology for all of our perimeters and Wide Area Networks. By utilising new ideas, like SD-WAN, it enables us to offer more cost effective solutions to our customers.

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