Interaction Analytics

While traditional metrics provide an invaluable insight into handling times, response times and the number of interactions handled - they don’t provide any information about what actually occurred during the interaction between agents and customers.

Interaction Analytics automatically monitors every interaction so you can analyse any, and every, call, text, email and post, quickly, easily and consistently. Allowing you to improve your agent’s performance and better understand and predict customer behaviour - across all channels.

100% accurate
No matter how well trained your Quality Assurance team is, every member is an individual, so it’s only natural that their judgement and scoring will vary to some degree. Our Interaction Analytics solutions are driven by predefined rules, rather than personal opinions, so there are no discrepancies. Every single interaction is scored in exactly the same way.

100% consistent
Whereas traditional methods only analyse a sample of all customer interactions. Interaction Analytics tracks each, and every, one. Providing managers and team leaders with near real-time data, so they can see how individuals and teams are performing and what’s happening on calls. Ensuring pain points are identified and resolved, quickly.

Resource optimisation
Being able to analyse key business metrics, without having to rely solely on agent selected disposition codes, provides a much clearer insight into each agents individual strengths. Whether that’s selling or up-selling, customer service, retention or loyalty. Allowing you to make optimum use of your resources and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Continuous improvement
The ability to view and review historic data not only allows you to continually improve your customer’s experience going forward, it also enables you to see the difference past changes have made and accurately measure your return on investment.

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